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19 and 20 November, 2022. WATF MASTERCLASS: Julie Reiss

MUSE offers a unique opportunity for growth and awareness.
For a select group of young participants, there will be the opportunity to attend an exceptional two-day masterclass held by Julie Reiss, one of America's leading experts on art and the Anthropocene.
On the evening of Saturday 19 November H 18:30, she will be the protagonist of a public conference as part of Trento Scienza Grandi Eventi.

Over the past decade, Reiss has focused her attention on the role art can play in changing paradigms and raising public awareness of the climate crisis, releasing her edited volume 'Art, theory and practice in the Anthropocene' (Vernon Press) in 2019. A pioneering scholar of installation art, she is also the author of 'From margin to centre: the spaces of installation art,' published in 1999 by MIT Press. She recently directed a Master's program in Modern and Contemporary Art at Christie's Education, New York. Active in university-level teaching, academic programme design, museum education, writing and curating, she is a PhD in art history.

"Since the first Earth Day in 1970, artists around the globe have increasingly turned their focus to ecological issues, creating artwork that addresses threats to a sustainable future, including the impacts of loss of biodiversity, rising sea levels, extreme weather events, plastic pollution, and the fragility of our shared ecosystems, particularly on the most vulnerable communities. Through public and community-based art and exhibitions in local and international institutional settings, artists raise awareness of the need to act collectively, creating tangible points of public engagement. Beyond calling for immediate and sustained action, they point toward paths of resilience and adaptation, at times offering concrete and immediate solutions. Artists challenge worldviews that have led to the challenges faced today, and suggest conceptual alternatives to anthropocentric and colonial approaches to nature. They amplify historical inequities and the urgent need for environmental and social justice for underrepresented groups through their artwork. They invite viewer participation and collective action, and in the process, they expand our potential for empathy and increase agency for all life." Julie Reis


Participation in the masterclass, for those selected, is free of charge. The detailed programme will be provided to selected participants, who will be offered a contribution towards travel and accommodation expenses.
The names selected for participation in the masterclass will also become part of the museum's WE ARE THE FLOOD archive and will be considered for further developments or initiatives.

The masterclass will be held in English.

To participate in the selection, you must send:

1. A letter of interest;

2. Curriculum vitae;

3. Pictures and/or texts and/or links.

The message must not exceed 8 Mb.

Each file must be initialled with the surname and first name.


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